MiningSky beats its competitors because of our ability to quickly deploy our services. From container deployment, to power setup and maintenance, we are able to swiftly provide services for any mining solution. MiningSky provides a full service deployment of miners and our custom containers are built to be quickly placed into service. The custom design is built for complete mobility to and from locations. MiningSky provides a 24/7 maintenance staff to monitor the miners at all times and any miner that goes down will be back up and running quickly with our on-site professionals. MiningSky offers multiple options for the rapid deployment of power for miners. Stationed in Canada, we can accommodate a mining farm at the most competitive energy prices in the world.


Rapid Deployment Components

  • Equipment- Transformers and other power equipment, and the configuration of our 40ft containers holding 8 modules with mining machines, has been carefully planned to be put into operation quickly.
  • Power- We have the power solutions in place at a low price for the rapid deployment of a mining farm. We have established the valuable relationships with key industry players in order to provide a cost-effective and reliable source of 24/7 power. The cold climate in Canada saves further on energy costs.
  • Internet- Optical fiber and stable network access will be provided and operated by a network engineer. Each container connection requires at least one fiber optic cable to connect the container to the ISP’s network access point.
  • Installation- The coordination of a large number of skilled workers will be organized within a short period of time, in order to install all the components of a mining farm within 30 days.
  • Management- A professional team will be working around the clock to ensure the fast deployment and smooth operating of your mining farm. They are all trained to know our system of management and detailed service requirements.
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