Meet The Minds Behind MiningSky

Bill Zhang – Chief Executive Officer

Bill is the architect behind Miningsky. He is the visionary that keeps Miningsky moving forward. With decades of comprehensive experiences in IT and Cloud computing, Bill possesses an extensive network of working relationships that place Miningsky in a leading position in the rapidly evolving crypto industry.

Zee Zhang – Chief Operating Officer

Zee is the COO of MiningSky. He is responsible for all operations of crypto mining at MiningSky. He has a broad range of interests in technology fields, including Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Internet of things. Zee also holds a BaSC of Electrical Engineering from UBC.

Jason Hao – Executive Assistant

As a consultant at Deloitte, he gained valuable exposure to a diverse set of fields including data analytics, consulting, financial audits and software development. His passion for knowledge and the unknown led him to travel through 92 countries across all 7 continents.  Jason holds an MBA from McMaster University and a BaSC from the University of Toronto.

Dana Kirkwood – Energy Resource Manager

As the Energy Resource Manager of MiningSky, Dana is responsible for managing all energy and power on hosting sites to ensure that mining operations proceed with sufficient power, and at optimal rates. Dana is also very experienced in IT hardware. She is able to quickly find power solutions for any IT hardware related projects.

Jack Wang – Operations Manager

Jack is responsible for building effective relationships in different regions for crypto mining operations. Specifically, Jack takes care of maintaining relationships, discovering collaboration opportunities, building agreements, developing and maintaining working infrastructure. Jack is the backbone of all mining operations at Miningsky.

Summer Xia – Senior Accountant

Together with Tersa, Summer takes care of the back-end of things at MiningSky. Combined with over a decade of experience in office administration and accounting and the passion for the IT industry, Summer often steps out of the math-heavy paper work and helps out with the on-going operations. Summer’s versatility and professionalism make her a valuable member of the team.

Teresa Jiang – Junior Accountant

Teresa ensures that client’s uses of services at MiningSky are properly billed and that fees are collected properly and promptly. Teresa has an extensive customer service background with four years’ experience providing accounting and office management services. When Teresa is not in the office, she enjoys reading, hiking in the nice summer months and travelling.

Jason Yang – IT Support

The real trouble-shooter of the team. Jason supports MiningSky operations from the inside with his expertise in IT. As the go-to IT Support, Jason deals with any arising problems in server, hardware, and software configurations of miners and Miningsky infrastructure alike. Jason also does on-site visits to ensure the mining operations are working at optimal levels.

John Lee – Hosting Specialist

John also lives and works at Miningsky’s hosting site in Houston. Together with Mike, he takes care of hosted miners 24/7. Being very talented in the field of IT, John specializes in trouble shooting and keeping the miners working at optimize performance levels.

Mike Vanveldhuizen – Hosting Specialist

Mike lives and works at Miningsky’s hosting site in Houston. He has plenty experience dealing with all kinds of  crypto currency miners. From setting up to maintenance, Mike provides fast, reliable, and professional services.

Maggie Vandenberg – Office Administrator

Born and raised in Houston. Maggie is in charge of inventory and monitoring at MiningSky’s Houston hosting site. As the Office Administrator, Maggie makes sure all visitors and contractors obtain the proper paper work. She also corresponds with the Vancouver team to arrange for shipping and repairs.

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