We take care of set-up, security, electricity, maintenance and cooling

MiningSky offers miner hosting in a reliable, secure and cool environment. We will install, set-up, and maintain your miners. Professional service and fast results are provided for all of your block chain technology needs. Located in Canada, our options for mining are flexible to fit your needs and goals.

NumbersPower PriceConsulting FeeRemote Control
 7-21 0.20 USD/KWH 25 USD/Miner No
 22-77 0.15 USD/KWH 15 USD/Miner No
 78-231 0.15 USD/KWH 7.5 USD/Miner No
 232-616 0.15 USD/KWH 0 No
 617+ 0.14 USD/KWH 0 Yes

All the miners should come with power, which support 200-240V.

Three months electricity prepayments are required. A receipt will sent to customers after payment.  

Grid power, up time 99.9%.

A windows 10 is provided to monitor and control the miners or a VPN connection will be provided.


Public grid power site, availability 99.9% or up. Electricity rate start from 9 USD cents. 

Natural gas power site, history availability 98% or up. Electricity rate start from 8 USD cents.

Hydro power site with 88% up time. Electricity rate start from 4.5 USD cents.

Call us for more information. +1 604-688-5464

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