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Located in West Canada, MiningSky offers miner hosting and mining colocation in a reliable, secure and cool environment. Our hosting facilities extend from Western Canada to Manitoba Canada and are situated in remote areas with dedicated yet affordable power supply to ensure both security and uptime in grid power. We will install, setup, and maintain your miners. Professional services and fast results are provided for all your blockchain technology needs. Our options for mining are designed to fit your goals.

Our crypto mining hosting capacity is one of the largest in Canada. We have enough space, power and resources to provide mining colocation for over 25MW miners at each of our hosting sites. We not only provide hosting for GPU miners, but also for a mixture of different kinds of ASIC miners like the Antminer and Avalon. It doesn’t matter if you are mining for bitcoin, bitcoin cash or ethereum, our facilities have both the physical capability and the technical expertise to help you manage your mining operations.

Our Manitoba site are accepting new clients at rate lower to 7 CAD cents per KWH with 12MW capacity in total. Move in time will be later Nov 2020. More news details can be found from: https://skychaintechnologiesinc.com/

Crypto mining power receptacle is 240V with 20Ams to support up to 4300W per server. Reliable grid power come from BC hydro and Manitoba Hydro for the best uptime.

Miner Hosting
Miner Hosting


Host your miners at one of our secure, professionally managed hosting facilities in Western Canada and the US. We provide 24/7 on-site technicians with remote access control & monitoring.

Our Miner Hosting Solution Offers

Miner Hosting

Setup fee for over 500 miners. Or $15 CAD each miner for smaller quantities.


Power capacity at our hosting sites.

Miner Hosting

Uptime, with 24/7 on-site technicians.

Miner Hosting

Rapid mining operation deployment.

Miner Hosting

Security and miner maintenance.

Miner Hosting

Miner hosting capacity.


  • We support miners with power 240V by default.
  • We require one month electricity payment as deposit.
  • Grid power with 99% uptime.
  • We provide Windows 10 or Linux to monitor and control all miners.
  • Alternatively, we will provide a VPN for access and remote control.
  • 45 day Rapid Deployment based on the delivery of MiningSky Hosting Container. We also take rush orders.


Miner Hosting
Miner Hosting
Miner Hosting

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