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About the Rig

The arrangement of the MiningSky case has been designed to take hot air out of the machine.  The design has been tested with a variety of GPU cards to ensure you have a range of options.

The hashrate will depend on GPU not the mining rig.  However, our rig can provide a reliable platform to help the performance of your GPUs.

All GPUs are compatible, except the MSI AMD RX 580 8GB Gaming X Edition. This card will be compatible with our new rig (version 1.1).

This MiningSky rig is designed for industry deployment and as such, we wanted to streamline the startup process and focus on automation. There is still a PSU switch (on/off) located on the case.

This rig is designed for large-scale operations, long run times without maintenance. However, if used in a living space, be prepared to take the necessary precautions (noise).

Yes. Press the “Del” button as it boots.

The board has been tested for 1600W. If it is more than 1600W, countries like the United States, with 100v voltage, may not support the 1600W through one circuit. Most wiring can only accept 16 amps maximum. Please note, 208V or higher can support over 1600W. Be sure to know your power limits.

Adjusting the fans is not recommended. However, the fans can be disconnected from the motherboard. Note: Overheating is the number one reason for dead GPUs. GPU temperature should always be a primary focus.


The total power required by a single rig depends on the GPU model used. For example, average 1060/1070 consumes about 100 Watts per card. Whereas RX 580 – 8GB requires about 150 watts per card. The user could decrease power consumption by modding the bios configuration on the card. We have achieved 88 watts on RX 580 – 8G cards.

ATX power supply 12V with 6-pin connectors. If you are using traditional power supply unit, switching on the power supply requires shorting 2 of the pins on the 24pin motherboard connector.

Yes. When using two PSUs, pickup 5 connectors from Each PSU. The machine will need 10 connectors for 12V power supply.

From Nov 11, 2017, A 6 pin to 2X (2+6)pin adapter will be included in the package.  However, our default power supply unit only supports 1600 W. Buyers who purchased our rig before Nov 11 and are still under warranty, can apply for 8 of 2x(2+6) for free. MiningSky will ship to buyers at no additional cost.


Across Canada mainly in British Columbia and Alberta. We have over 100 PPP (Private Power Providers) with power grids optimized for bitcoin mining as well as industrial partners for large-scale operations.

We operate based on a centralized service center model. We have a service center based in downtown Vancouver, BC, where we do the maintenance on the machines and oversee operations of different mining assets. We provide remote control to our clients as well as onsite teams for onsite security and troubleshooting.

We accept monthly payments after conducting a quick background check on the payee, with a required 3 month repayment in advance.

Hosting, energy, and fast deployment services are provided to customers with more than 500 machines (or over 1MW). These solutions are not optimal for customers with fewer than 500 machines (or less than 1MW). If you have more than 500 machines, please contact us at: 604-456-0608

We have no upper limit in power output. Three of our plants are able to put out over 2000 MW. If your needs exceeds 20 MW, we require up to 45 days for deployment.

Yes. Signed customers are permitted to do site visits and are free to choose which plant to use for their setup. However, the customers are not to be involved in the operations of the plant.

No. We do not expect any downtime outside of natural disasters.

We charge approximately 12 – 15 cents ($0.12 – $0.15) CAD / KWH. There are no on-demand fees or delivery fees and cheaper packages. Please call us for more information at 604-456-0608

We charge a $60 – $80 fee for operations and maintenance for each machine. Normal machines are $60, GPU machines are $80.

We will notify you as soon as you miss a payment. At the same time, we will provide power for up to 10 days after your missed payment. If you do not make a payment, this amount will be deducted directly from your deposit.


Yes. The 6 pin connector can be used on any 6 pins of the 8 pin socket. However, the 6 pin power connection cable must be compatible to provide enough amps.

6 pin power cable with two 2X (6+2) pin connectors are required.

A 6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin connector will be needed to power the GPU card.


Mining rigs cannot be treated the same as regular consumer electronics. It is customized to meet our customer’s requirements. It is used as an investment instrument, so please understand all risks and profits associated with the investment. Our product follows the warranty and returns policy below. The purchaser agrees to our terms and condition upon submitting payment.

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