Frequently asked questions

  1. If it is the public network, there is no requirement for a specific usage amount, you pay a floating rate for it as you use it. There is a maximum limitation for usage, it is not unlimited.
  2. If a private contract is signed with MiningSky Technology LTD, then the rules are as follows:

Within the required range stated in the contract you pay the contract fee. Any amount above      the contract range of electricity consumption will be calculated separately. These amounts, above or below, should be reasonable and not too far beyond what is stated in the contract.

*The current floating market price is approximately 2.5-3.5 cents. The long-term bullish price is about 6.5 cents.

Yes, assigned maintenance personnel need to understand English and pass safety training.

MiningSky will provide transformers, mining containers, site construction and so on. Professional operations and maintenance teams will monitor, maintain and so on.

Yes, you can but we suggest that you purchase directly from us so all of the specifications are properly met and the timeframe for a rapid deployment of 30 days are met.  We are the largest North American mining container manufacturer, with the lowest price in the market.  It is specially designed, North American patented, ventilated, and easy to install.

Customers are not advised to purchase mining containers because:

  • It is not approved for North American fire protection.
  • The price is higher than our price.
  • The installation time is long and the cost is high.

At present, mainly in north western Canada.

Full service takes 2 months. If you have 15,000 miners or more, then the service fee will be approximately 11 cent/kWh. If you have less than 15,000 then the service fee will vary according to the situation. Our professional team will monitor and maintain the process around the clock.

Yes, they can be imported into Canada, with a tariff cost of 5% of the declared price of the goods.

By air, the shipping cost for each mining machine is about $150 USD, plus other fee, delivered from Hong Kong or Shenzhen to Vancouver, and then by truckload to Inland. The total time from China to Edmonton, Canada is 3-14 days.

If you choose ocean delivery you can purchase MiningSky Ocean containers, each container holding 616 mining machines. Free shipping is provided, and you pay only 5% for tariffs for the goods to be delivered. Shipping is directly to Vancouver Harbor, then trucked to the Power Station. The total time from China, Canada takes about 40 days.

Yes, MiningSky can provide you with a price quote for S9 miners upon request. The latest models can also be purchased at market price.

The electricity consumption needs to be greater than 20MW (20,000KW), signed  for at least one year.

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