Rapid Deployment

MiningSky is able to provide the Rapid Deployment of a mining farm, fully operational within 30 days


Industry Partners

MiningSky has established necessary relationships with key industry players.


220V Power Access

220V access to the end user in a safe power environment.


Canada is ideal for Mining

Canada is the ideal location, as it has very low cost energy and a cold climate.


Low Price

Electricity rate of approximately 5-7 cents(CAD)/kWh


Large-scale Energy

We provide 100MW or higher capacity within one site.

MiningSky is positioned to move quickly to provide the high power requirements for the rapid deployment of a mining farm. We have the power solutions in place and are able to set up a fully operating mining farm within 30 days, with 220V access to the end user in a safe power environment. Our system has multiple solutions that can reach any clients goals quickly. Many components go into constructing a successful mining farm, including power, containers, mining machines, transformers, internet and management. We have a solid foundation of expertise and are able to provide the organization and planning required so to deliver the results that investors expect.
So, if you are looking for power, Canada is the ideal location, as we can provide a very low cost for energy in several provinces, and it has the cold climate required for any large scale mining project. Canada ranks among the world’s largest producers of energy and is the world’s second largest producer of hydroelectricity. Energy costs must be kept low in order to maximize profitability, so choosing the right location and climate are key elements to success. These factors make Canada and cryptocurrency mining the perfect match, and MiningSky is at the forefront of this fast moving industry.
In 2018, the market demand for energy is expected to increase considerably, due to cryptocurrency mining, and this will only increase over the years to come. We have established necessary relationships with key industry players, giving us the ability to pass the benefits of those established and valuable relationships onto our clients.

Power Supply Equipment and Deployment


  • Container Size: 40 feet long
  • Adaptation: Outdoor, or Indoor
  • Connection: Direct connection to outdoor high voltage
  • Configuration: Two transformers: high voltage transformer to 220V transformer, the input voltage 25KV or custom to power output connection switch. Each set has 9 switches. This corresponds to 8 + 1 modules.
  • The terminal machine of the mining machine uses the optimum low voltage of 220V. 
  • For rapid deployment, the equipment required by the step-by-step transformation system, when the power supply side can only provide high voltage, will promptly be put in place.
  • The manufacturing time for equipment is 45-60 days after ordering. Each one is delivered within 45 days.
  • The time to deploy equipment is within 1-2 days. Installation takes 1 day, and it will be operating within 1-2 days.
  • The container can be placed in a spacious room or on the ground, such as a parking area or hardened ground.
  • For 3.5MW of power each transformer has a total power of 1750KVA, for 3MW of power each transformer has a total power of 1500KVA, and for 2.5MW of power each transformer has a total power of 1250KVA.


So, if you are looking for power and a fast deployment of your mining farm, MiningSky can provide all of the solutions needed to meet your business requirements. Please call us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, plans and questions, and we will provide you with a customized quotation outlining the project requirements and cost. 

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