Cheap and reliable crypto mining energy solution

Large-Scale Miner Hosting & Energy Solution

We have developed solutions and services that are catered to large-scale bitcoin mining operations. Colocation space is available with our all inclusive miner hosting services at any of our hosting sites throughout Canada.  All of our hosting sites provide energy solutions with 100MW or higher capacity and grid power with 99% uptime. Our facilities are also equipped with dedicated security systems and have 24/7 on-site technicians.

Crypto Mining Energy Solution
Rapid Deployment Hosting Container

Rapid Deployment

MiningSky is positioned to move quickly to provide the high power requirements for the rapid deployment of a mining farm. We have the power solutions in place and are able to set up a fully operating mining farm within 45 days, with 220V access to the end user in a safe environment. Our system has multiple solutions that can reach any clients’ goals quickly. Many components go into constructing a successful mining farm, including power, containers, mining machines, transformers, internet, and management. We have a solid foundation of expertise and are able to provide the organization and planning required to deliver the results that investors expect.

Canada is ideal for mining

Energy costs must be kept low in order to maximize profitability; so choosing the right location and climate are key elements to success. As one of the world’s largest producers of energy, Canada is the ideal location for mining due to its colder climates, more readily available locations, and affordable energy cost. MiningSky is at the forefront of this fast-moving industry through the on-going partnerships with Canadian energy giants. Through these partnerships, MiningSky is able to provide clients with the most cost-effective energy and hosting solution for any large-scale mining project.  These factors make Canada and MiningSky your top choice for large scale crypto currency mining.

Additionally, unlike many other governments around the globe, the Canadian government is in full support of crypto mining, and is welcoming businesses in the crypto industry with open arms, making Canada a go-to place for crypto needs.

Power Supply Equipment and Deployment

  • Container Size: 40 feet long
  • Adaptation: Outdoor and Indoor
  • Connection: Direct connection to outdoor high voltage
  • Configuration: The container has two transformers. One high voltage to 220V transformer, and one that puts the input voltage 25KV or custom power to an output connection switch. Each set has 9 switches corresponding to our 8 + 1 modules.
  • The terminal machine of the mining machine uses the optimum low voltage of 220V.
  • To achieve rapid deployment, the equipment required for the step-by-step transformation system and the power supply side that only provides high voltage will be promptly put in place.
  • The manufacturing time for equipment is 45-60 days after ordering. Each one is delivered within 45 days.
  • The time to deploy equipment is within 1-2 days. Installation takes 1 day, and it will be ready for operations in 1-2 days.
  • The container can be placed in a spacious indoor environment or on the ground, such as parking areas or hardened ground.
  • For 3.5MW of power, each transformer has a total power of 1750KVA. For 3MW of power, each transformer has a total power of 1500KVA For 2.5MW of power, each transformer has a total power of 1250KVA.

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