MiningSky 40ft HQ Container

The 40ft HQ Containers that MiningSky can provide are carefully designed and built with the specific requirements, and to the exact specifications of each client. MiningSky containers are easy to transport, and can be moved to an alternate site, within a short period of time, giving our clients the flexibility they may need in order to better plan and grow their cryptocurrency mining business. Every aspect of our containers has been fully thought through to ensure fast deployment, professional management, and a profitable and productive mining operation.

  • Fully loaded with 8 modules

Module Internal Configuration

  1. Mine locations to accommodate mining machines
  2. Highly integrated power supply
  3. Leakage protection
  4. Integrated network internet connection
  5. Supports single-phase power access
  6. 220V standard configuration or 110V
  • Integrated wind supply system
  • Integrated automatic curtain cooling system
  • Integrated network internal connection system
  • Support for fibre connections
  • Can be transported by flatbed truck or long-term parking carrier
  • Can be placed on pavement or flat, waterproof floor


  • Easy and safe to transport¬†
  • Fast deployment of a mining operation
  • Economical solution for a mining operation
  • Seamless system for increased productivity and profitability
  • Efficient and smooth manageability
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