Cryptocurrency and High Net Worth Individuals

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Cryptocurrency and High Net Worth Individuals

Cryptocurrency, prior to the boom in 2017, was considered a huge risk to investors in relation to the cost. The investors saw no positive or huge potential to crypto to invest in. After the Bitcoin boom in 2017, many investors started looking into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Investors saw that the risk was worth the reward for crypto and started investing into crypto. Capgemini reported recently about High Net Worth Individuals gaining more interests in cryptocurrency.


Capgemini is a French multinational professional service and business consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France. They published a World Wealth Report 2018 that explores trends that affect high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in 71 countries. This report looked into cryptocurrency and its trend in the market.


The Main Point From the Wealth Report Regarding Cryptocurrency

Looking at the graph below, more than 50% of HNWI individuals in Latin America and Asia Pacific are interested in cryptocurrency.

High Net Worht Individuals interested in Cryptocurrency

Effect On The Crypto Market

High Net Worth Individuals in most cases are risk takers. All these individuals calculate their risk and return before taking action. With their interested in the market, you can assume that the risks associated with cryptocurrency are slowly being outweighed by the return or else the interested would be a lot lower. This interested would mean cryptocurrency has huge potential for growth and market acceptance.

Goldman Sachs

One notable is with Goldman Sachs, a well known financial service provider. Their stance on cryptocurrency prior to the market boom was that it was too risky to invest in; this year they announced they are trying to bring BTC to Wall Street. They had a huge turn around with such a big financial company shows that crypto has huge potential.

The Time Is NOW!

Investing in cryptocurrency before another boom is your best option to capitalize on the potential profits. Once HNWI finds the opportune chance to invest, they will cause a surge in prices. Before the surge happens, start having your own supply of crypto. To maximize your profits, it would be best to invest in mining instead of trading/purchasing of crypto. Contact MiningSky today to get a hosting quote and get your hands on cryptocurrency before it is too late.

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