BitCoin Mining Cap!

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80% Of the Available Bitcoin Has Been Mined

BitCoin Mining Cap!

With cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, there is a finite that you can mine before a cap is hit; This cap will increase but at a super slow rate. Bitcoin Mining has already reached 17 Million Bitcoins of the cap of 21 million. This would mean, 80.9% of the total has been mined, leaving only 19.1%

Bitcoin Mining - 80% Of The Available Coins Mined

With the rate in which people are mining, the cap is predicted to be reached by May 7, 2140. This assumption is based on the mining power stay constant, which in most cases will not be with the development of more powerful miners. With the growth in the hash rate, this target will most likely be off.

What Will Happen to BTC?

When the market cap is reached, there will be no more coins to mine until the next one is discovered. This would mean supply would be purely based on people who have BTC. A price surge in the value of BTC will happen under the assumption that the market fully adopts cryptocurrency and BTC. The increase in the price of BTC will have a correlated effect on other cryptocurrencies as well, based on how the price increase and fell alongside BTC in the past.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Mine Other Cryptocurrency And Not BTC

With the huge hash power required to mine one BTC, the only way to generate a decent amount of profit is to invest in ASIC Miners, which become useless once the algorithm changes. ASIC miners also have the downside that they are created to mine one specific coin and cannot adapt as needed. GPU miners, on the other hand, can adapt and change based on what coin you want to mine at the sacrifice of hash rate.


Mining other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum is a better use of your investment in the long run. Ethereum in most cases is mined using GPU miners, so if your hash rate cannot catch up to Ethereums demand; you could always choose to mine another cryptocurrency.


MiningSky offers mining rigs with and without GPU’s which you can purchase to start a mining farm. These mining rigs are custom designed to provide optimal airflow with the 8 GPU rig.

Aside from just GPU rigs, MiningSky also provides hosting services, energy solution and rapid deployment.

Start your mining operation now and not later! Maximize the profit you will gain!

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