Crypto Miners – ASIC and GPU Miner Part 2

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Crypto Miners – ASIC and GPU Miners (Part 2)

In part one of “Crypto Miners – ASIC and GPU Miners”  blog post, we covered in general what an ASIC and a GPU miner. In part two, we will compare the two side by side to show the benefits of one over another. With the comparison, you will be able to decide which one better fits your situation.

GPU Miner

GPU Miner Crypto Rig at Home
MiningSky GPU Mining Rig
GPU Mining Rig Operation


  • Ability to mine different types of coins
  • Easy to find and purchase
  • Can be programmed to consume less electrical power
  • The sound generated from the mining operation is quieter – You can run it at home
  • Has a decent resale value
  • Uses very standard hardware
  • Bios can be upgraded to increase performance to an extent


  • Hash rate not as powerful as ASIC Miners
  • High hash rate GPU’s are harder to find or costly due to many individuals purchasing market supply and reselling at a higher price
  • Low daily ROI
  • Takes a lot of space due to the big rig for miners
  • Does not function as a single GPU (unlike an ASIC miner)
  • Configuration and Setup takes a lot more time (compared to ASIC miner)

ASIC Miner

Ant Miner
S9 Antminer


  • High ROI
  • Efficient in mining one cryptocurrency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact Size
  • Lower Price range
  • Easy to setup
  • No extra components needed – Aside from PSU


  • Low resale value
  • Can only one type of coin, cannot adapt and change mined currency
  • Limited supply / less accessible
  • Sound generated is too loud to be hosted at home
  • Change in the algorithm of cryptocurrency can render miner useless
  • Not able to upgrade – when new miners get released, older ones become obsolete

With the comparison above, you can tell there are different benefits to each mining operation.

One main consideration aside from the above factor is your budget. Your budget will be a huge determinating factor on which would be the most profitable in the long run.

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