Climate’s Affect on Crypto Mining

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Climate’s Affect on Crypto Mining


hen choosing a crypto mining location, aside from electricity cost and security, climate and temperature should also be a consideration.

Why Is Climate Important In Crypto Mining

Electricity Cost

Temperatures Affect on Miners

Electricity cost is a huge factor in the profitability of a mining operation. Aside from just powering the miners, electricity is needed for the ventilation/cooling systems. The electrical power used can vary based on the climate/surrounding temperature. If the surrounding air is colder, then the fans do not need to pull in as much air to cool the miners.

The Miners Life Span

Fans Wear and Tear

To maximize profit from a miner, one would choose to overclock the miner. When a miner is overclocked, the heat generated will be a lot higher. With the combination of both the higher temperature of the surrounding air and the higher temperature of the GPU/Miner, the fan would need to work a lot harder. With the fan running for a longer period and at a higher speed, the expected lifespan of the fan would decrease.

Why Canada Is An Optimal Location

Lower Average Temperature

Referring to the chart below from Stats Canada, you can see that on average, Canadian cities have a lower temperature than other cities in the world.

Average Temperatures of the World

With the surrounding temperature being cooler, the fans would need to work less to cool the GPU/Miners. With the ventilation system requiring less effort to cool the GPU/Miner, the electricity cost would decrease.

Having the fans run at a lower speed would increase the lifespan of the fan. This decrease in usage will extend the time in which the fan would need repair or replacement.

MiningSky’s Crypto Miner Hosting

MiningSky Container Climate Location

MiningSky offers a full-service hosting solution to crypto-mining. MiningSky has mining operations in North Western Canada and in select areas in the United States. These locations are selected on many factors such as location cost, electricity cost, temperature/climate, and security.

MiningSky simplifies the process to start a crypto mining farm so that all you have to worry about is how to spend the profit.

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