Miner Security – How to Keep Your Miners Secure Digitally and Physically

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Recently there has been a lot of news regarding hackers in the blockchain scene. With the increase in popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, hackers have been looking into hacking, not just users cryptocurrency wallets but also processing power. The hackers are stealing processing power in order to run their own mining farm. Users/Miners need to consider the security of their operation on both the online and offline aspect.

Online Miner Security

Miner Hosting Security Breach
Cryptojacking Aviva Computing Power

Companies such as Telsa, Amazon, Gemalto N.V., and Aviva PLC were hit by hacker recently.   These companies, though large in size, did not closely monitor their system. The main issue is the exposed Kubernetes console. The Kubernetes console is a program made by Google to allow companies the ability to use cloud computing programs. With the consoles not being secure, it allowed the hackers to access the processing power of these companies and run their own mining farms. The hackers would set limitations on how much processing power to use in order to stay under the radar.

crypto mining security breach
amazon attacked by hackers in crypto mining

Miningsky, employs a team of professionally trained individuals to closely monitor each of the mining farms on a 24/7 basis. The employees closely monitor different areas of usage, such as a processing power and energy consumption.

With the employee on site closely monitoring each aspect of the mining farm, it would be a lot harder for any hackers to:

  • Hack into the mining farms system.

  • Steal Processing power without being noticed.

  • Each mining farm is closely checked to make sure they are operating at max profitability. This would mean hackers would have a hard time staying under the radar without being noticed.

Offline Miner Security

In Offline Security, we refer to:

  • Storage/mining farms location

    • How secure are the miners?
    • How secure is the mining location?
    • Is the location hazard proof? (fire and flooding)
  • Physical Security

    • Can thieves easily break in and steal miners?
    • Many mining operations are held at easily accessible locations in urban areas. Some are even without proper security.
    • Smaller operations are held in private residences and warehouses.

Majority of the crypto mining community focuses on the online aspect (processing power being stolen and crypto wallets being hacked) but not many consider the offline aspect.

Each of the above aspects should be analyzed thoroughly to make sure your farm is secure, not only online but also offline. Miningsky’s containers can be custom designed to fit the needs of the consumer or location of the mining operation. Each container is approved for North American fire protection, this is especially important due to the heat generated from the mining farm. The miners are specially designed to allow the maximum airflow but also keep the everything securely in place for movement, if required. The onsite staff not only monitors the mining farm’s operation but also act as a physical deterrent to thieves. The rural locations in which Miningsky farms are located created another landscape deterrent as accessing the locations would be troublesome and also easily detectable.

Here at Miningsky, we make sure your mining operation is not just secure online but also offline to make sure you have to worry-free experience.

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