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Introducing Miningsky Blockchain Infrastructure

As a blockchain infrastructure provider, MiningSky designs, manufactures, markets and sells its proprietary MiningSky 8-GPU Mining Rig, a high performance GPU-based miner to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

It also custom-builds other types of miners and modules for portability and fast deployment. MiningSky specializes in large-scale power services, mining farm construction and miner hosting services. it also specializes in the design and manufacturing of miner platforms that enables fast and large scale miner transportation and deployment.

Rapid Deployment Container and Modules


Each container is designed to hold 8 modules, 616 miners or a modified design for GPU mining rigs.


Each modules has 11 x 7 miner positions.


Can be used Indoor or Outdoor. Wheels under modules provide mobility.


Single-phase access Feed up to 239V 400A, 80 x 6-20R socket.


Every module provides 2.5KW for each miner.


5 Powerful fans with water cooling system.

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