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12MW Manitoba site is opening in 2021

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A Large Scale GPU Miner and Miner Hosting Solution Provider

MiningSky GPU Miner
MiningSky GPU Miner

Fully customized and stabilized high-performance GPU Miners.

Mining Energy Solution
Mining Energy Solution

Cheap and reliable Bitcoin Mining Energy Solutions for your miners.


Professional and reliable Miner Hosting service based in Canada.


Simple and scale-able Rapid Deployment Solution for your mining farm.


With years of experience in cloud computing and a network of key partnerships, Miningsky is among the first to offer a full-service solution for crypto mining.

Miningsky covers the whole cryptocurrency journey starting from providing its proprietary MiningSky 8-GPU Miner, a high-performance GPU-based miner designed to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

We provide power and energy solutions for large scale mining farms to help optimize mining power consumption. We also provide solutions for mining farm construction and professional all-inclusive miner hosting and colocation services to ensure your mining operation proceeds seamlessly.

Additionally, MiningSky has an optimized mining farm deployment solution designed to help our clients start their mining operations immediately, no matter the scale.

Depending on your needs, we can provide the full-service crypto currency solution or simply help you optimize parts of your mining operations. Talk to one of our crypto experts to find out how we can help you improve your mining operation.

Looking for high performance GPU Miners? Optimized Mining Power Consumption? Mining Colocation or Professional Miner Hosting?


  • Great mining rigs , which are reliable and high performance. Team is very knowledgeable too. They helped  me throughout assembly, setup, and maintenance.

    Kevin Li
    Kevin Li Brigade Media / CEO
  • Very smooth transaction. Parts and rigs were delivered right on time without any problems. Rigs' performance were as advertised - great work.

    Will Fan
    Will Fan Nexpress Trading Inc / CEO

Miner Hosting & Rapid Deployment

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